Sufficiently Advanced - Prologue

That was the day it all changed. The technologies of human endeavor racing to the point were any future advancements could occur at the speed of thought. Some called it the singularity, others rapture. Those first days it seemed that heaven had been rendered on Earth. We were wrong; the daemons now walk among us, and our prayers go unanswered. We have taken up the mantle of the gods.

I'm thinking about writing something, that would be the start of it.


Wave if You Want Google Wave

Don't know how many people still follow me here, but if you do it may be your lucky day. I have a few more Google Wave invites to hand out. I'm trying to spread them around my various hang-outs so I may bring different parts of my online community there.

If you want to know more about Google Wave ask here, and I'll post details. If you want to be nominated for an invitation get your Gmail address to me somehow.

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Fast & Furious -or- Fast & Forward

I watched the new Fast & Furious tonight. I had been looking forward to it all week, and letting anyone who'd listen know that too. It started out pretty good, the opening sequence was as good as I remembered (the whole thing) being from the trailer. After that it was just downhill (and not the cool mountain pass kind).

The story...I don't even know what the story was about, someone's dead and Mexican drugs or something. The action, after all that's what this movie should be about, was comprised of so many MTV-cuts I couldn't tell what was going on most of the time. It is likely the director also had no clue how to piece things together and was using this attention deficit editing disorder to hide the fact.

I fast forwarded through the last 20 minutes, because I didn't care how the film ended, I just wanted it to. At that point I was done with hoping it would turn around. I was actually really upset with how bad this movie was. I guess I just felt let down, after talking it up so much.


Blu Ghosts for 9 Bucks

I was on the fence about buying Ghostbusters on Blu-ray. I love Ghostbusters, but I've heard that the high-def transfer wasn't the best. But Amazon has it for $13.99, and a $5 off coupon code "GHOSTBLU". At $8.99 I don't care what the picture looks like.


Comics and Animation

Netflix pulled a dirty trick this weekend: They dared to add Saturday receiving and shipping. Which would ordinarily be awesome, but in this case defeated my well laid plans to return three discs on Friday to snag new releases on Monday. Instead they skipped over the new releases and sent me the next items in my queue.

So in a fit of inspired desperation I bought all the outstanding new releases which are due tomorrow, plus one classic: